Andalusia is the community with the greatest potential for the development of wind energy according to ‘Winds of the future’

Andalusia, as the first community in number of hours of sunshine in Spain and persistent winds and second with the largest territorial area, is the region “with the greatest development potential”, since, in addition, it has “the purpose” of being “the one with the most renewable megawatts will be able to incorporate in the coming years.” Thus, the region currently has 30 industrial centers and 163 wind farms, being the fifth autonomous community at the national level, and therefore the fifth community with the highest installed capacity with 3,521.95 MW, with a market share of 13%. In this way they have indicated it in the presentation of the ‘Winds of the future’ movement in Andalusia, a collaborative movement that claims the importance of wind energy as a commitment to the future and that calls for dialogue to contribute to the development of wind energy. The spokesperson for the Vientos de futuro campaign and sustainability expert, Carlos Martí; the president of the Association of Renewable Energies of Andalusia (Claner), Alfonso Vargas; the president of NESI Forum, a third-sector organization that promotes Vientos de futuro, Diego de la Moneda, and the president of the Andalusian Association of Business Women in the Environmental Sector (Ansemac), Esperanza Fitz. She has pointed out that Andalusia is a region capable of offering “high performance in terms of renewable energy” in a context of energy crisis. Based on the report Datos Energéticos de Andalucía, prepared by the Andalusian Energy Agency in 2020, he explained that the gross production of renewable electricity accounts for 51.1% of the total energy generated in the Andalusian autonomous community, being almost half of the total renewable energy produced, more than 44.8%, corresponding to energy generated in wind farms. Therefore, of the bulk energy produced in Andalusia, wind energy has accounted for 7,230.33 GWh in 2021, that is, 18.24% coverage of the total electricity demand. According to estimates from the Andalusian Energy Agency, the Andalusian territory has a gross renewable potential of more than 36,700 MW. If the Andalusian Energy Strategy 2030 (EEA 2030) is complied with, the territory will have an additional 3,700 MW in less than ten years, approximately. «Andalusia plays a key role in the development of wind energy, as it has privileged orographic conditions for the operation of wind farms that allow Andalusians to depend less on other energy sources. From ‘Winds of the future’ we are convinced of the region’s potential, its capabilities and possibilities to consolidate wind energy as the main sustainable source of energy generation in the community,” said the spokesperson for the movement. Along the same lines, Alfonso Vargas, president of Claner, has highlighted the relevance of wind energy today, since “we are at a crucial moment to bet on the generation of employment and green industry in Andalusia. Wind energy is an opportunity that all people must take advantage of, for this reason It is so important that we join ‘Winds of the future’ and open a healthy and tolerant debate.


The growth capacity of wind energy in Andalusia leads to the socioeconomic growth of the region. The figures reflect this, since wind energy generated 880 direct jobs only in 2020, being the eighth autonomous community with the highest wind employment generated in 2020. In addition, Andalusia is the fifth community in Spain that contributes the most GDP, in terms of wind energy, with 177 million euros in 2020, 9.9% of the national total and is part of the first five communities that contributed the most to GDP in 2020, being 65% of the total among the five. «It is evident that the generation of employment and economic impulse of our autonomous community goes through the empowerment and development of wind energy. It is essential that Andalusian town halls and municipalities facilitate, as far as possible, the start-up of new wind farms”, explains Esperanza Fitz, president of Ansemac. On the other hand, Diego de la Moneda, president of the NESI Forum, a third sector organization that promotes ‘Winds of the future’, highlighted “the importance of wind power for the preservation of the environment, since the wind source in Andalusia avoids the emission of more than three million tons of CO2 per year, equivalent to the CO2 generated by one million cars annually, almost the total number of vehicles in Malaga or Seville”. The promoters of the initiative advocate sustainable wind development in Andalusia, compatible with the environment and the protection of biodiversity, in a model of coexistence between wind power and other fundamental activities for local development, such as livestock, agriculture and the sightseeing. The collaborative process of ‘Winds of the future’ will crystallize in a manifesto, which will reflect the main commitments acquired, hand in hand with the driving entities and member organizations. On the website citizens will be able to get closer to the reality of wind power in Spain and discover the potential offered by this source of energy, through various informative materials, current news and information from the campaign. SOURCE: 101 tv 07/12/2022

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